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Quartzsite, AZ Fieldtrip 2015

by Debi Kachman

No grass, but the sun sets on the mountains and lots of rocks!

Each town seems to have a large initial on the mountain. Prospector's Panorama and Desert Gardens Rock Gem and Mineral Show are much like flea markets, Tyson Wells Shows are like warehouse shops, and QIA Pow Wow Gem and Mineral Show is similar to our show with half the venders outside. They all contain many different kinds of specimens and Lapidary equipment.

The best part is everyone around you is into our interest. There are some great ideas too. The weather was very nice, only one day was windy which meant dusty.

Four days of shopping and the last day we went exploring. We saw a variety of birds, even road runners, as well as lizards and wild burros. Lake Havasu was beautiful and the dam both made incredible shots.










All images courtesy of Debi Kachman. Copyright 2015 by Debi Kachman. All rights reserved.



Club Purpose:

To associate persons of the Palm Beach area of cutting, displaying and studying of rocks, shells, artifacts, and any kind of scientific objects of interest to the individual and the organization to promote community interest in these objects.

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